Following the success of performance streaming platforms, such as Australian Digital Concert Hall, a new jazz-focussed platform has launched in Australia. Titled Oh! Jazz, the platform hosts a specially curated library of performances from international jazz artists, recorded in iconic venues around the world, including Australia. As part of the service, 35 percent of subscription revenue will go directly to the artists themselves.

Oh! Jazz

The world-first platform has been launched by Jesus Perezagua (Former President of Fox Networks Europe & Africa) and Dan Bessant (Former Head of Programming, Entertainment and Music at Foxtel and Music Director at Nova Network).

“Oh! Jazz provides an unrivalled offering which offers limitless opportunities for the global jazz community. We founded Oh! Jazz with the mission to support jazz artists and clubs with a sustainable business model to ensure their long-term success and growth, while connecting people all over the world through the marvellous world of jazz,” said Perezagua and Bessant.

The participating clubs, in cities around the world including Madrid, Tokyo,...