While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought celebrations of Beethoven’s 250th birthday to a halt in concert halls, record label Deutsche Grammophon and Z2 Comics have teamed up to produce a graphic novel about the composer’s life, accompanied by a new compilation album of the composer’s works. The graphic novel will be released in November, ahead of Beethoven’s birthday in December.

Beethoven David Mack’s cover art for the new graphic novel. Image supplied

Z2 comics has a track record of music-themed graphic novels, including Murder Ballads– featuring an accompanying soundtrack by Dan Auerbach and Robert Finley – an autobiographical graphic novel by DJ Paul Oakenfold, and a fantasy graphic novel featuring the Japanese heavy metal band Babymetal.

“Beethoven wrote some of the most universally recognisable pieces of music in the history of the planet,” said Publisher Josh Frankel. “It is of course, incredibly exciting to publish the work of some of today’s well-known artists, but to have this chance to tell comic book stories from and inspired by the life of one of the most legendary artists of all time is humbling. We have done our very...