Sydney performance venue Phoenix Central Park has announced HALO, a digital series of filmed performances designed to support Sydney artists and ensembles through NSW’s current lockdown.

Gordi at Phoenix Central Park

Known for its eclectic mix of live performance, film clips and more, Phoenix will film 20 individual performances of 10-20 minutes duration for future digital release. Applications are open now, with filming to take place whenever it is safe to do so.

Phoenix’s Creative Director Beau Neilson said, “We hope this series will offer an essential creative outlet for performers to share their music during this difficult time. But, as is always our mission, we hope to also profile challenging new talent and genre-defying collaborators, and so we’re putting the call out to all of Sydney’s musicians, especially those who have not yet performed in the space.”

While programming plans and livelihoods have been thrown into disarray over the past 18 months, it is business as usual for Phoenix, which opened as a live and performance...