Queensland Symphony Orchestra has launched a new large-scale community outreach program, aimed at connecting Queensland communities with the many benefits that come from engaging with music. QSO’s Health and Wellbeing Program is a long-term initiative, with partnerships on corporate, research and community levels to help work towards a better understanding of music’s power on communities.

Health and Wellbeing Program

“QSO takes such pride in performing in the Concert Hall and at venues, stages and open spaces across Queensland, and we believe another priority is harnessing the power of this music into a multi-faceted wellbeing program that can be the envy of all,” said QSO Chair, Chris Freeman. “We started this journey in 2019 and in 2020 we consolidated with significant work with organisations such as Narbethong Special School, various Brisbane hospitals and schools and aged care facilities all over the state, and now we can announce it as a formal program for the company.” 

The program was officially launched at QPAC on...