Queensland Theatre is going from strength to strength under the artistic direction of Sam Strong. In 2017, the company reached its largest audience in its nearly 50-year history with over 188,450 people seeing a QT show in 55 theatres around the world.

“I’m really thrilled that 2017 was an all-time record year in our global numbers. But it also [broke records] in terms of our subscription numbers [so] that we’re the fastest growing theatre company in Australia, which is incredibly exciting,” says Strong. “But what’s even more exciting than that is that our subscription numbers in 2018 have well exceeded our numbers in 2017… I think that’s a testament to Brisbane’s embrace of what Queensland Theatre is doing but I think it’s also testament to the size of our national footprint and our national influence, particularly through those partnerships and coproductions.”

Meyne Wyatt, who will star in his debut play City of Gold. Photograph © Tim Jones Photography

In announcing QT’s 2019 season dubbed “A Season of Dreamers”, Strong revealed a program that includes five world premieres, a record number of interstate co-productions,...