The passionate educator will lead the largest music education program in Australia.

One of Australia’s most passionate musical educators, Richard Gill has been announced as Artistic Advisor of Musica Viva In Schools. The music education program is already the largest in Australia, but with Gill’s appointment Musica Viva Australia, which celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2015, will be substantially expanding the reach of the initiative to bring cutting-edge musical learning to half a million students nationwide, including those in remote rural areas of the country.

Central to the expanded program is the integration of new technologies to enable students to engage and explore music in a more dynamic way. Gill is enthusiastic about the possibilities this digital-driven approach opens up. “It’s an exciting time in the field of music education, with new technologies both helping to expand the reach and heighten the experience and appreciation of music,” said Gill.

The level of investment from Musica Viva in its education programs is trailblazing, providing a national platform of unrivalled breadth and reach for Gill to champion the cause of musical learning across Australia. The partnership between Gill and Musica Viva is one that Michael Katz, Chairman of Musica Viva believes is especially potent. “We both believe that an understanding of music must be a fundamental part of every child’s basic education,” Katz shares. “With Richard’s guidance, Music Viva will help Australia move closer to fulfilling that future.”

In addition to introducing new digital technologies, the Musica Viva In Schools program will continue to deliver its range of concerts, workshops and residencies. In 2014 alone the program reached over 260,000 students across the country through 1,700 performances, as well as providing training opportunities for over 10,000 teachers.

For more details of 2015’s expanded education program please visit the Musica Viva website.

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