Most music lovers would agree that the compositions of J.S. Bach are near perfect examples of harmony and counterpoint, but that hasn’t stopped many trying to improve on perfection over the centuries.

There has been a vast catalogue of Bach reimaginings: full symphonic arrangements, thrash-metal versions and even a glass harmonica performance of the famous Toccata and Fugue are just a few of the many incarnations of Bach’s revered work that have been attempted. Now 21st Century video editing, combined with some inventive recycling has yielded up a particularly nifty (and strangely appropriate) Bach arrangement.

Amateur film maker and Bach-lover Mitso Floor has released the first two instalments of a series of stop-motion films of Bach’s The Art of Fugue,performed on a collection of beer bottles. The result is a funny (Floor’s facial expressions alone make this worthwhile viewing) and strangely apt recording with a sound reminiscent of the type of chamber-organ that would have been familiar to Bach, although some of the intonation in the higher registers might leave a few people wincing.

Floor has so far recorded Contrapunctus 1 and 2, with similar performances of the remaining 12 fugues from...