Christmas, Limelight

Primary school students have rung in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s new education programme with a performance of Jingle Bellsalongside musicians from the orchestra. The brand new Schools Music Education Program, for which the orchestra has partnered with Credit Suisse, will see six schools selected to participate – Soldiers’ Settlement Public School, Darlington Public School, Parramatta Public School, La Perouse Public School, Pendle Hill Public School and Dandenong West Primary School in Victoria.

“We are delighted to be able to partner with the SSO and the State Government on this extraordinary initiative that could establish a firm link between music education and academic performance,” said Credit Suisse CEO John Knox. “During the three-year pilot, the programme is expected to directly impact more than 1,000 students, approximately 36 teachers and involve many of our 400 staff. Future generations will also benefit from the experience gained by these teachers and students.”

Drawing on research that has linked academic achievement with positive arts experiences,  the programme will see Year Three students at the selected schools attend the SSO’s schools concertsin Sydney and go on an excursion...