More than 30 acts have distanced themselves from Sydney Festival in response to an organised boycott campaign, protestingthe festival’s decision to accept $20,000 in funding from Israel’s Australian embassy to support Sydney Dance Company’s production of Decadance, by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin.

The issue has sparked significant debate over the past few weeks. Below is a collection of anti-boycott voices, and you can read an article written by three organisers of the boycott here. Plus, read Jo Litson’s review of the production at the centre of the boycott, Decadance, here.

The boycottof Sydney Festival has led to a number of organisations coming out in support of the festival, and more broadly in support of Israel.

When the boycott first made the news late last year, a short statement from the Israel embassy in Canberra was sent a letter to the Guardianwhich said:

“Israel has always and will continue to promote cultural exchange and engage in cultural dialogue in numerous countries including Australia. Culture is a bridge to coexistence, cooperation and rapprochement and should be left out of the political arena.”

In a letter to Sydney Festival and shared...