Sydney Youth Orchestras will rename one of its youth orchestras the Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra, after the beloved conductor and educator who was Chief Conductor at SYO from 1977 to 1982.

Gill’s impact on music and music education in this country was incalculable, and the lifelong impact that he had on the musicians he worked with equally so. Gill was a firm believer that “every child should have the opportunity to learn and create music”, a philosophy that lives on through so many organisations to which he is linked, including the Richard Gill Schoolin Muswellbrook which opened its doors this year.

The launch of the Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra with Kate Morgan (Conductor) Maureen and Claire Gill (wife and daughter of Richard)

SYO is renaming its Stage 4 Strings ensemble the Richard Gill Chamber Orchestra. It describes the orchestra as sitting “at the heart of the SYO Orchestral Training Framework, where it functions as the pinnacle of ten young string only orchestras and...