The Australian Chamber Orchestra has announced a new digital offering, dubbed ACO HomeCasts, to bring music into the homes of fans and subscribers who can no longer hear the orchestra in the concert hall due to the COVID-19 shut downs.

Curated by ACO Artistic Director Richard Tognetti, the new series will see musicians broadcast from their homes – the ACO has rolled out recording gear and training to its musicians – as well as archival concerts broadcast on social media with live commentary from ACO musicians, and a swathe of other content from behind-the-scenes interviews to podcasts.

Richard Tognetti Richard Tognetti. Photo © Nic Walker

“We’re fighting for our survival,” Tognetti tells Limelight. “And just working out what the new paradigms are.”

In a world where arts organisations and musicians around the world are streaming content, Tognetti plans to roll out material with excellent production values – “rather than just shoving an iPhone in front of your face” – and “if it’s not excellent, then it will be quirky.”

All of the musicians have been equipped with a mini in-home studio enabling them to record, produce and broadcast content directly from their homes. GoPro cameras, beloved by adventure sports...