With stages dark around Australia and the world, The Australian Voices (TAV) has commissioned 22 composers to each write a piece using the theme of ‘Far and Near’.

“At TAV we had raised a significant commissioning fund which we had been planning to roll out over the course of this year and next. In response to recent events we have decided to proceed immediately,” Artistic Director Gordon Hamilton tells Limelight.

The ensemble has now created a Patreon page so that donors can help support further commissions (details below).

The Australian Voices. Photo © Dave Collins

The 22 composers for the current project include 21 Australians as well as US composer Nico Muhly, who has developed a strong connection with Australia. Last year, Muhly composed three new pieces for Australian ensembles – the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Gondwana Choirs and Omega Ensemble (which Hamilton conducted).

The Australian composers are Lyle Chan, Joe Chindamo, Jaret Choolun, Melody Eötvös, Isabella Gerometta, Callum Kennedy, Christina Mairs, Jamie Moffatt, Katie Noonan and her husband Zac Hurren, who are composing a piece together, Audrey Ormella, Blake Petersen, Alys Rayner, John Rotar, Christopher Sainsbury, Olivia Swift, Margaret Tesch-Muller, Tom Thum, Jessica Wells, Sally...