Why the master of comedy, John Cleese, is planning to debut Fawlty Towers Down Under.

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John Cleese
Meet the man from Monty Python whose latest cunning plan is to put Basil Fawlty up where he belongs: on the Australian stage.

O Sing Joyfully
From medieval monks to today’s superstars, we take a look at how the church choral tradition has frequently moved in mysterious ways.

First Lady
Growing up smart, Jessye Norman might have been many things. Limelight talks to her about life, music… oh, and Hillary versus Donald.

Behaviour Unbecoming
Might the occasionally sordid history of a night at the 19th-century opera suggest the art form needs to look back to move forward?

Critical Mass
Sir Andrew Davis and David Robertson talk about the challenge of Missa Solemnis and the story behind the music Beethoven never heard.

Editor’s Dozen

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