How Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang learned to deliver substance as well as style.

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Lang Lang
How does a pianist handle the pressure when he has literally millions of fans? We ask the surprisingly down-to-earth Lang Lang what is most important in his life and how he finds the time to do the things he loves.

The Human Harvest
Remembering the terrible cost of the Battle of the Somme, and the Allied composers who served their countries one hundred years ago.

Roberto Alagna
The tenor with the life that resembles an opera plot is headed to oru shores. Limelight spoke to him about art immitating life and vice versa.

Very Superstitious
With their sayings and lucky charms, musicians rank among the more credulous of creatures. A look at some of the superstitions of the pros.

Eying up The Competition
Competitions – who needs ’em? Piers Lane explains how he’s aiming to fix the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia.

Singin’ in the Rain
A splash around among the myths and legends that sprang up around what many consider the greatest movie musical of all time.

Weimar Cabaret
Is it the sex or the politics that still fascinates us about Weimar cabaret? Robyn Archer looks at the art form that the Nazis couldn’t abide.

Tim Minchin’s Tips
How do you make it as a writer? Some tips on niche, risk and making good art from the Aussie guru behind the hit musical Matilda.

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