An audience member stunned fellow patrons at a show on Broadway by climbing on stage.

It might seem like common sense, but clearly not everyone is aware of the some of the basic principals of theatre etiquette. An audience member, attending a performance of Hand to God at the Booth Theatre on New York’s Broadway, shocked many of his fellow patrons by climbing onto the stage and attempting to charge his phone, using the mock plug used in the production’s set.

The incident, which occurred about two minutes before the show was due to start, was captured on film by another audience member. It clearly shows a man scrambling onto the stage and plugging his phone into the wall, before theatre staff rush down the aisle to accost him. 

After the man was returned to his seat, the theatre made an announcement to the audience, asking them to refrain from charging their phones on stage. Actor Marc Kudisch, who was appearing in the production, tweeted this friendly advice to another members of the public coming to the see the show: 

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