Violinist Daniel Hope and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra will headline next year’s Utzon Music Series at the Sydney Opera House. The 2018 season, which sees the series move into its second decade after its 10th anniversary this year, will be a diverse one, featuring artists from home and abroad.

Daniel Hope Violinist Daniel Hope. Photo © Bailey Davidson

“At its very core the UtzonMusic Series has a simple philosophy,” UtzonMusic Series Curator Yarmila Alfonzetti told Limelight. “We aren’t trying to be too clever or create new perspectives on classical music. We aren’t trying to traverse the breadth of Western art music. And, even though this does tend to happen quite a lot, we aren’t looking for firsts.”

“This Series is about brilliant musicians playing proven repertoire which reflects the quality and beauty of the space,” Alfonzetti said. “The UtzonRoom is a pleasure to be in; there is a calm, secure authenticity about those heavy concrete beams and the sense that one is almost outside, but safely encased within. Every musician in the UtzonMusic Series is interesting. I like them personally and professionally. I always request, and...