With COVID causing cancellations of performances all over the country, and scheduled magazine features falling like flies, Limelightdecided not to publish a September 2021 print edition – though our website was busier than ever. Instead we are publishing a bumper October 2021 issue, as well as extending everyone’s subscription by a month.

Limelight October 2021

In our expanded October magazine, you will find six major features and a whole lot more besides.

For our cover story (Red) Centrepieces, Janelle White, a social anthropologist based in Alice Springs, describes how the Alice Springs World Chamber Orchestra, founded by Markus Kucbenbuch in 2018, is creating a powerful space for community engagement and cross-cultural understanding, inspiring positive change. The photographs from their outdoor performances are spectacular too.

The global pandemic has accelerated the arts industry’s engagement with the digital world, allowing artists and companies to maintain a connection with audiences. But how do you make the investment in online work financially viable? Steve Dowinvestigates in his feature Arts and the Digital Frontier.

In Music for Humanity, Deputy Editor...