Lewis Carroll might have an impressive literary imagination but for consummate choreography and spectacle, Septime Webre is the man. He admits he was totally involved with every sensational aspect of ALICE (in wonderland) – which first premiered in the US in 2008 – and it shows.

Webre cuts to the chase. The ballet opens in a white square proscenium in the middle of which sits Alice dreamily alone. But, before we’ve had time to blink, she’s down the rabbit hole.

Chihiro Nomura as Alice and Matthew Lehmann as the Cheshire Cat. Photograph © Servey Pevnev

Alice (Chihiro Nomura) is brave. She has admirable aplomb in the face of the ridiculous situations, and ridiculous personages she is met with – rather like the scenarios taking place in the world today. How delicious to guess who Tweedledum and Tweedledee are in the present global political arena; who the Red Queen might be and definitely, where the Rabbit is – so very late, for an important Brexit date.

Not that you have too much time to ponder on the production’s universal implications. Webre gives the audience little time to take everything in, just as he gives the...