This was a breezy Sunday morning set of sparkling favourites on the theme “Around the World”, although with some whiplash-inducing programming. Nonetheless, Queensland Symphony Orchestra was in solid form here, with guest conductor Peter Luff drawing out compelling performances.

Beginning with Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, this is a piece that’s a prime chance for the brass and percussion to strut their stuff. Some minor flubs aside, the piece is still evocative and moving, even after being heard plenty of times before.

Tim Corkeron QSO

Vivienne Collier-Vickers (normally sitting with the horn section of QSO) took to the stage after this to introduce both herself and the coming pieces. With some solid jokes, Collier-Vickers kept her banter between pieces short and sharp – a welcome travel companion. QSO followed with Beethoven’s Overtureto The Creature of Prometheus Op. 43, which impressed with the cohesiveness of the string section in the rushing string passages that dominate the piece. Max Bruch’s Romance in F Major Op. 85for viola was next, and Imants Larsens’ warm, rich tone and...