We’ve seen openings delayed, deferred and cancelled courtesy of COVID, but going early is understandably a new one. No one wants to lose a day leading into a premiere, but when audience capacity was cut to 75 percent Queensland Ballet – as it has throughout the pandemic – made the bold call to welcome not only audiences but also the critics 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Of course, they wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t believe they could pull it off, and they have. Bespokehighlights the depth available to the company in both its current and developing ranks, incorporating its Jette Parker Young Artists and Pre-Professional Program students.

Bespoke 2021 Bespoke 2021

The fourth year of the annual contemporary season features four esteemed choreographers who have chosen to be Brisbane-based and also part of the QB fold. The best-known and most experienced of these are Natalie Weir – appointed Resident Choreographer in 2020 – and former Principal Paul Boyd, who fulfils that role for Queensland Ballet Academy, where he also heads the upper...