Programming some chamber music concerts in their rehearsal studio to showcase the talents of their fine orchestral ensembles, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s (QSO) Chamber Players 1: Showcase featured two contrasting pieces from each of the brass and woodwind ensembles, alongside a powerful work for percussion. The judicious choices of their handpicked repertoire allowed the musicians’ passion for their individual instruments to shine through in this well-crafted program of music gems.

QSO Chamber Players

Opening the concert, and featuring trumpets, trombones, horn and tuba, the brass ensemble was expertly conducted by Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Johannes Fritzsch, who introduced some light touches to the program that added definition to the individual instruments.

The concert commenced with three pieces of sacred music from the late Renaissance period by Venetian composer, Giovanni Gabrieli. The full force of Canzon duodecimi toni, with all ten instruments facing straight onto the audience, offered an electrifying beginning, the huge resonant acoustics filling the studio with clearly articulated instrumental sounds. The music settled into some lighter harmonics, while the overall feel...