We last heard young Paris-based American violinist Augusta McKay Lodge on Naxos in splendid performances of works for unaccompanied Baroque violin by Biber, Locatelli, Pisendel, Matteis and Baltzar. Now she returns in the company of musical friends to shine a light on yet more unfamiliar music of the Baroque, this time violin sonatas by Corelli followers Giovanni Mossi (c.1680-1742) and Giovanni Stefano Carbonelli (1691-1772).

Corelli's Band

Corelli’s Violin Sonata No 3 from his famous Opus 5 set is included for comparison, but it comes only after the world premiere recording of Mossi’s Sonata da Camera in E Minor Op. 6 No 9, and Carbonelli’s Sonata da Camera No 10 in G Minor. A number of other sonate da camera (chamber sonatas) and sonate da chiesa (church sonatas) by Mossi and Carbonelli follow.

Whereas Mossi worked...