Choreography: Sir Kenneth MacMillan

Music: Jules Massenet, arranged and orchestrated by Martin Yates

Set and costume design: Peter Farmer

Lighting: William Akers, reproduced by Francis Croese

Ambition, love, power, lust – these are the vices which influence the fates of Manon’s protagonists. A staple of the Australian Ballet’s repertoire, Manonrepresents one of its major offerings of the year. Abbé Prévost’s 18th-century tale of a young girl who is tempted away from love by her own dreams of wealth has formed the basis of many operas, two ballets and even a poetic drama. The Australian Ballet brings us the classic production of the late British choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan, known for its strong dramatic roles and lyrical, expressive choreography.

MacMillan’s Manonoffers outstanding opportunities for the four principals – Manon; her lover, des Grieux; her brother, Lescaut; and Lescaut’s mistress. All four roles are technically demanding and yet require something more – the morally ambiguous positions of the characters within a complex web of seduction and betrayal offer much interpretive scope regarding each character’s motives.

Lana Jones’ Manon begins her journey from a place of almost Eden-like innocence. She seems out of place in the worldly courtyard of the inn outside which she makes her...