When lockdowns become a thing of the past – and they will, at some point – the landscape for arts organisations will have changed forever. Live performance will never lose its lustre but it’s a digital world out there and companies have to be part of it or get left behind, as the pandemic has made abundantly clear.

It’s been heartening to see that digital engagement doesn’t just mean bunging up some old videos of performances long past. It also doesn’t mean simply streaming a live performance (with or without an audience), although there’s nothing wrong with that. It keeps the ball rolling.


More interesting, though, is the new work that doesn’t ignore what technology can do for it. It doesn’t pretend that filming and streaming are the same thing as being in the theatre. This is work that can exist only in the digital realm.

Glasgow-based Scottish Ballet, one of the UK’s leading companies, was quick off the mark with its 2019 Digital Season, which included...