Over the past 30 years, members of ELISION Ensemble have built up intimate musical relationships with composers as well as their fellow performers, and as a way of staying connected in our currently highly unconnected world some of these collaborations have been put up on YouTube as part of their Performance Series.

So far there are eight videos, filmed by Agatha Yim with sound by Alistair McLean, recorded at the Primrose Potter Salon at the Melbourne Recital Centre. In them we see five of ELISION’s regular members superbly captured in close-up as they perform on both conventional and their famously unusual instruments, including a Heath Robinson-like double-belled trombone and an eclectic array of percussion.


The films range in length from a little under two minutes to 18 minutes and there are five featured composers – Australian Liza Lim, Americans Aaron Cassidy and Evan Johnson, John Aulich from England and Welshman Richard Barrett, some of whose works are played by percussionist Peter Neville in the first film.

The first work Deltafeatures a row...