I’d heard the rumours. Met the people who experienced it when it came here before. Seen the look in their eyes. Believe the hype. The Fangirlsphenomenon is real.

Yve Blake’s female-led musical about teenage girl fandom, friendship and the internet-fed cult of celebrity is like, literally, the most fun you’ll have in the theatre this year! It’s a hectic good time. Stuffed with multitalented singing, dancing and wholly lovable stars, this award-winning comedic tour de force is rightfully spawning a cult of its own. And the following is guaranteed to grow as the production – presented by Belvoir, Queensland Theatre and Brisbane Festival in association with ATYP – continues its nationwide tour under director Paige Rattray.

Fangirls The cast of Fangirls. Photograph © Brett Boardman

At the centre of Blake’s pure-hearted story is Edna (Karis Oka), a young girl with a single mum (Sharon Millerchip) and a singular obsession with international icon Harry (Aydan), lead singer of British boy band True Connection. (A completely undisguised reference to Harry Styles of One Direction, of course.) The world over, an adoring horde of pubescent...