The West Australian Symphony Orchestra presented a concert full of life, as they performed works from Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Bizet and Vine, led by conductor Thaddeus Huang. Joining them on stage for Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor was Harry Bennetts, who, together with Huang, brought a sense of novel energy to an exciting program.

Thaddeus Huang and WASO Thaddeus Huang and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Photo courtesy of WASO 

The concert opened with Carl Vine’s V,a five-minute fanfare originally commissioned by WASO in 2003 to celebrate the orchestra’s 75th birthday. Rhythmic and thematic, the piece set the pace for the remainder of the evening and was a fitting precursor to the older works to come. It was also nice to see a return performance of a contemporary work, which can be a rarity in current times. The percussion section was a particular highlight in the piece, maintaining the high energy and epic proportions of the work.

At this point, violin soloist Harry Bennetts emerged to perform the Mendelssohn. Playing with a light and bright tone, he navigated all...