Having flounder for feet is not typically a desirable quality for a dancer. But that scenario is embraced by Australasian Dance Collective’s artists following Forgery’s impromptu instructions, which create an entertainingly unpredictable and frequently incongruous choreographic mix.

Australasian Dance Collective's Forgery Forgery

The ensemble of six makes the seemingly impossible possible as they translate randomly generated computer commands into movement. While we’re contemplating how one can simultaneously travel and maintain stillness, or exchange the actions of the eyebrows with the actions of the chin, then use the collarbones to turn non-existent crowbars into notional keys, they’re showing us.

This is improvisation on steroids. It utilises not only imagination but also disinhibition, curiosity and trust, in conjunction with fine motor control and spatial awareness. Even when responding individually, the dancers work collectively, supporting each other with a unified purpose. In creating their own interpretations no one artist stands out from the others, as can often occur with set choreography.

There’s a lovely sense of play and lack of self-consciousness that tap into a...