If we presuppose the existence of tiny little angels and devils resting their wings and/or cloven hooves on the shoulders of us all, then you can perhaps understand the music critic’s shoulder hosting a miniature devil whispering, “oh no, oh deary me, not anotherVivaldi Four Seasons”. The flip-side of that, of course, is the other shoulder hosting an angelic side responding “yes, but what if it was good?”

Camerata, experienced as they are, know that Vivaldi’s Four Seasonsalone is well and truly played out, as lovely a piece as it is. So, what we have here is a far more interesting program that compiles several composers’ responses alongside (part of) Vivaldi’s original.

Jason Tong Four Seasons Reimagined

The evening began with Springfrom The Four Seasons. Although the concert hall was sadly only three-quarters full (the torrential week of rain that Brisbane was enduring made just getting to the concert hall a trial), violinist Jason Tong was in fine form here as soloist. There were a few additional bird...