Just as we return to priceless passages of Shakespeare or a favourite writer, the West Australian Ballet’s new GALAturns the pages on 11 outstanding pieces produced during the tenure of Artistic Director Aurélien Scannella. The company outshone itself in recreating these captivating vignettes.

 The evening’s performance contains both classical and contemporary extracts and short pieces, one of which in fact, since we’re speaking of Shakespeare, is based on his tragic heroine Juliet. Entitled Radio and Juliet, it is choreographer Edward Clug’s idea of how Juliet would react after such tragedy if she had not ended her life. He sets her up with six black-suited, shirtless men. You can imagine her dreaming of Romeo in various guises perhaps, or perchance repulsing new or earlier suitors. The iconic music of Radiohead suits the crisp pragmatic movement as Juliet (a svelte, Brooke Widdison-Jacobs dressed in a black and red corset) weaves herself through the men’s fast and furious twirls and passionate gestures. Dramatic spotlight and moments of silence highlight a powerful duet with the lithe Juan Carlos Osma.