A new William Christie recording always brings with it an air of authority – here is a performer so immersed in the Baroque, so natural in performing this music that it’s hard to imagine it being played any other way. Here he’s working with the young violinist Théotime Langlois de Swarte, a member of Christie’s Les Arts Florissants, and they present an unusual program indeed. Consisting of music for the violin by Jean-Marie Leclair and Jean-Baptiste Senaillé, this is an explosive introduction to a new star violinist.

Théotime Langlois de Swarte
Although the music of Leclair is fairly well-known, the same can’t be said for that of Senaillé, the unjustly neglected 17th-century composer whose music comprises most of this release. Christie and Langlois de Swarte play the music of this forgotten virtuoso with real swagger, ripping through the quicker movements and with a lovely bated-breath phrasing in the slower ones.

Senaillé was clearly indebted to Vivaldi in some of these pieces. Very Italianate flourishes appear in...