Piotr Anderszewski is no stranger to performing Bach’s music on the piano, having previously released a wonderful recording of some of the English Suitesback in 2014, among others. This collection, ingeniously re-ordering The Well-Tempered Clavieris, like his previous Bach releases, a refreshing and stimulating collection.

Piotr Anderszewski

Working only from Book 2, Anderszewski rather unusually opts to play these pairs not in strict numerical order, but in a rather idiosyncratic ordering of his own. To my ears, his ordering (ping-ponging from C Major, to F Minor, to A Flat, and so on) does a lot to bring these pieces, so wonderful but so over-performed, back to life.

Anderszewski’s performances are invariably considered and thoughtful; his Prelude in F Minor, for instance, clarifies...