It needed to be something special to cap off a splendid Utzon Series at Sydney Opera House and Latvian piano accordionist Ksenija Sidorovadelivered in spades. In a season that boasted the likes of rolled gold Bach from Canadian violinist James Ehnes and American baritone Thomas Hampson’s Australian debut, the 30-year-old virtuoso gave a dazzling display of why she calls her instrument “a one-man band”.

Ksenija Sidorova

Starting off with some JS Bach – the Ouverturefrom Overture in the French Style from Part II of his Clavier-Übung– Sidorova highlighted the subtleties of this work from the majestic, ceremonious slow opening to the fast and furious fugue with its intricate dovetailed treble and bass lines, here fingered faultlessly with the keys of her right hand and buttons of her left. While all this was going on Sidorova was controlling the dynamic by precise use of the bellows, making for a highly nuanced reading of this lovely organ work.

Her first encounter with the instrument was when she found an old accordion in her grandmother’s loft in Riga. Starting off with folk music she soon moved on to a wider repertoire, taking...