The Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) under guest conductor Benjamin Bayl investigated the music of the enlightenment period and beyond in their concert titled Miracles in the Age of Reason at Llewellyn Hall in Canberra.

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Beginning with the Suite from Platée , by Jean-Philippe Rameau, this contained a selection of some of his finest dance music. Standing up at the harpsichord, multitasking, playing with his left hand and conducting with his right, Bayl got the concert off to a vigorous start. This lively and driving music, full of life and bright dance tunes, created a profound effect as they played it on contemporary instruments. The smallish orchestra crafted a strong, clear and highly coordinated sound.

The two double basses cut through strongly, creating a sublime, deep bottom end to the music. All the strings were robust and evenly balanced. Bayl understood the nuance of this music well....