Earlier in the year the Swedish label BIS released a lovely album of Mozart featuring the talented Russian oboist Alexei Ogrintchouk. Now comes the perfect companion with the latest release from clarinet star Martin Fröst. The disc is timed to coincide with Fröst’s return to this country for a tour with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. When he came two seasons ago audiences were knocked out by his virtuosity, which includes circular breathing techniques, as well as his remarkable ability to play and dance at the same time.

This limpid quality is perfectly illustrated on this album which combines the popular concerto with the Kegelstatt trio for clarinet, viola and piano and the Allegro for clarinet and string quartet. For the concerto Fröst has chosen the version for basset clarinet, an instrument with additional notes in the lower range. Although the work began life as a concerto for basset horn, Mozart transposed
it to A for this special instrument.

Fröst recorded the concerto in 2010 on a modern basset clarinet. He uses the more familiar ‘B Flat’ instrument for the other pieces on the disc. Playing is superb throughout, both from the soloist, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and the chamber musicians in
the trio and allegro, both of which were recorded in Norway last year. This finely produced album is a pure delight.

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