What does Bach sound like with an Australian accent?

Perhaps a little like the musical endeavours cast by renowned percussionist and marimba extraordinaire Claire Edwardes and award-winning saxophonist Nick Russoniello.

Nick Russoniello.

In an evening of vibrant music spanning centuries and genders, an intimate crowd congregated at Mecca Cafe in Alexandria to witness the unusual yet playful combination of the five-octave marimba and soprano saxophone.

“This is Bach with an Australian accent,” Vladimir Fanshil declared, opening the night as the host and founder of the Live at Mecca Series.

Food and wine were served within the casual environment of the open space, as friends and family leaned in close sharing warm conversations under the hanging amber globes.

Renowned percussionist and marimba extraordinaire Claire Edwardes thrives on making music with others, and she exhibited her attentive trust with both the audience and her co-pilot for the night, Nick Russoniello.

Both musicians began the show with Baroque pieces; an interesting programming decision, since neither Bach nor Telemann wrote for the saxophone nor marimba — because none...