Art responds sometimes to individual imperative, sometimes to universal calamity, sometimes to both at the same time. So it’s no surprise that in this present pandemic the lockdown album is a thing. In her booklet note, violinist Emily Sun writes: “It is extraordinary that my debut album came together at the most unlikely time – during a worldwide pandemic.”

Emily Sun
And… “I hope these intimate works by Debussy, Boulanger and Fauré can transport you the way that they did for me, during lockdown.” This latter being in reference to her missing Paris, which in more carefree times she would often visit via the Eurostar from her base in London. I’ve read similar mediations from musicians as diverse as Australian recorder player Genevieve Lacey and Scottish guitarist Sean Shibe. Thankfully their musical responses have been extraordinary. The present release is no exception.

Australian violinist Emily Sun will be no stranger to concertgoers in that country in particular. She has a special affinity for the intimacy of...