Orange Throweris an intricate and uncommon play by Kirsty Marillier, a unique new voice in Australian theatre. Walking unbroken ground is never easy, yet this team of creatives and visionaries have weathered storms and pandemics to bring this inspiring and thoughtful piece to the intimate space of the Stables Theatre.

A pair of young-adult sisters are at home in the fictional Perth suburb of Paradise. Their mum has returned home to South Africa and they are left in charge. No sooner has she left than someone mysteriously starts pelting oranges at the front of their house. The appearance of oranges coincides with the sudden arrival of their estranged cousin Stekkie, who seems to have something troubled hiding underneath her beautiful ‘fro and flamboyant personality. Two mysteries are posed – why has Stekkie suddenly arrived back in their lives, and who is throwing those damn oranges?

Gabriela Van Wyk and Mariama Whitton in Orange Thrower at Griffin Theatre Company.

Orange Throweris an original play by emerging South African/Australian playwright Kirsty Marillier. Developed in partnership...