The Fitters Workshop, Canberra Glassworks
May 9, 2015

It’s no secret that the CIMF Artistic Director Roland Peelman is a devotee of modern music. During his 25 year tenure leading the Song Company, Peelman has commissioned countless new Australian works, so its unsurprising that Concert 20, Movers and Shakers,one of the Festival’s most substantial offerings featuring by the far the largest ensemble of this year’s selection, should be a programme featuring exclusively contemporary music, including two Australian premieres and a world premiere. In a cultural landscape that is increasingly skewed toward the conservative, it’s reassuring to see programming that seeks to broaden the horizons of Australian music lovers.

However in addition to his bold commitment to championing 20th and 21st Century repertoire in his festival selection, Peelman also brought his considerable skill as a conductor and performer to bear on this performance. It is a great credit to this inestimably talented musician that he is more than merely a figurehead for the CIMF. He is an active participant, and the level of polish delivered throughout this concert was testament to Peelman’s positive influence on this festival, both on and off the stage.

The inspiration for the title of Concert 20 came...