Sydney Opera House Steps
October 28, 2016

“Opera, why opera?” The words assail our ears as a cohort of philistine politicians harangue their visionary Premier in the opening scene of Alan John’s and Dennis Watkins’ opera The Eighth Wonder, here temporarily rechristened Sydney Opera House – The Opera. That this should be the third staging of a contemporary opera since 1995 is remarkable enough. But that the audience should be watching the ritual sacrifice of a Danish architect’s dreams on the altar of pragmatic politics played out in front of Jørn Utzon’s billowing sails themselves is nothing short of a modern operatic miracle. Add to that a flawless cast, a smooth running, intelligent production and technological innovation ensuring good clean sound, and what you have is a must see – a genuine once in a lifetime event.

The steps of the Sydney Opera House transformed into a stage for the first time ever in Opera Australia’s production of The Eighth Wonder.

The story of the building of Sydney’s most iconic building is well suited to opera’s high-octane emotional scale. The dream of Premier Joe Cahill – “I want to leave my...