Attending a concert some time ago by The Griffyn Ensemble, at which the audience sat at tables, I saw the Belgian-born musician and conductor Roland Peelman looking a little lost. I invited him to join our table. Grateful, he sat down. We chatted a little. I especially enjoyed listening to his gentle Flemish accent. It was great to learn a little about the man who is just too busy to pause.

Roland Peelman

Which is why this book is such a valuable way of getting to know the man who, amongst the many achievements along his life journey, is at the helm, as director, of his sixth Canberra International Music Festival, and spent 25 years leading the internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble The Song Company.

At less than 100 pages, the book is not a blow-by-blow in-depth biography of Roland Peelman. And it’s not in a narrative form that needs to be read cover to cover. Indeed, the book is a large format, hardback coffee table publication with photographs by Anthony Browell that beautifully capture their moments, along with others...