In the first of their Australian Series for 2022, the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Chamber Ensemble took to the heavens for a musical journey in a concert titled Stargazers

Filling in for the orchestra’s Chief Conductor Jessica Cottis, who is caught up in travel delays because of catching COVID-19, Carlo Antonioli, the Cybec Assistant Conductor Fellow at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, led the CSO Chamber Ensemble.

Flautist Kiri Sollis performing during the Canberra Symphony Orchestra's Stargazing concert, April 2022.

Opening the concert with a glittering performance of Richard Meale’s Coruscations (1971) was Edward Neeman on piano. This piece sparkled and twinkled through sudden staccato notes up and down the keyboard. In between, a cluster of robust dissonant chords created a vibrant soundscape, and all this performed without sheet music.

Neeman is a player of intricate and rare ability. His performance style is unique. He owns an elusive tone that brings out the idiomatic sound of the piano, which is...