I hadn’t encountered the music of the wonderfully named composer Sunleif Rasmussen before this CD. Rasmussen is one of the very few Faroese composers, perhaps most famous for his award-winning Symphony No 1, Oceanic Days . His music is definitely modernistic but also certainly melodious, with touches of ear-bending harmonies variously reminding me of composers like Bartók or Ligeti.

Sunleif Rasmussen

This release is an overview of Rasmussen’s music for the recorder from 2009 to 2020, all played by Michala Petri, and released on OUR Recordings, Petri’s own record label. I rather wish, though, that the disc hadn’t opened with Flow , for recorder and string trio, since it doesn’t make the best first impression. It’s a companion piece to Mozart’s Flute Quartet K285 that riffs on the source material, but without the mirror of the Mozart it felt rather weak.

I (that’s as in “myself”) for recorder and chamber choir is much more interesting, with a lengthy recorder solo setting the scene before the mixed choir...