This splendid one-day extravaganza, the second since the 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID, once again featured a commendable array of distinguished Australian jazz performers, further testimony to the overwhelming talent that now exists in Australian jazz, especially amongst what one might call, for want of a better term, younger musicians. As in the case of the 2021 event, when the event roared back with a vengeance, artistic director David Theak could once again hold his head high and bask in the light of substantial achievement.

The event encompassed 22 concerts of 50 minutes in six venues within the confines of the Conservatorium building, so patrons were presented with agonising choices as to which gigs to attend. In the spirit of a glutton who wishes to eat everything at a smorgasbord I attended nine concerts. While this usually meant rushing from one venue to another in the few minutes between once concert ending and another commencing, I managed to survive the ordeal.