This concert by West Australian Symphony Orchestra began with River Mountain Skyby Maria Grenfell. Born in Malaysia, raised in New Zealand and now based in Australia, Grenfell’s work is very much inspired by poetic and visual sources. The opening bars of River Mountain Skyconfirm the title of the work: a commanding tutti figure followed by haunting flute and woodwinds greets the dawn, followed by strings, which take up the introductory theme.

WASO Tchaikovsky's Pathétique

A cohesive wash of sound in a sweeping tutti adds bird-call figures, leading to a bolder section beginning with timpani and xylophone followed by brass, occasionally muted, varying the soundscape. The gradual fade of strings with woodwind interjections leads to the gentle harp and xylophone conclusion. The diverse dynamic levels and sonorities throughout the work captured a grandeur of nature and landscape, perhaps reminiscent of the composer’s Tasmanian home, conveying the dramatic and contrasting sights and sounds of the island.

Next came Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 24 in C Minor K491. What could possibly be...