Well, when a series of discs gets to volume seven, you know that something must be going right. Elizabeth Wallfisch, baroque violinist extraordinaire, has been steadily recording all of Telemann’s violin concerti since the mid-2000s. Just this year she even received the Telemann Prize, awarded by the town of Magdeburg in Germany, the birthplace of the man himself!


On this latest disc in the series, there is a slight sense of wrapping up some loose ends. For instance, the opening Overture (Suite) in A TWV55:A8 perhaps overstays its welcome a little – this isn’t one of Telemann’s top-shelf works, I’m afraid. That being said, Elizabeth Wallfisch (and the players of The Wallfisch Band) give it their all, and prove that even lesser works sound great in the hands of expert players.

The Concerto in G TWV51:G4 sitting in the middle of the program is more immediately appealing, with a driving triadic figure and rushing string passages kicking the piece off with a bang. Wallfisch’s solo passages are shaped...