With The Piano: A History in 100 Pieces the Scottish born pianist and writer Susan Tomes investigates the history of the piano from the late 18th century until the present, undertaken via a personal investigation of a hundred compositions. These include not only solo works, but also concerti and chamber music. 

Susan Tomes

The piano has had a far greater repertoire written for it, and prior to the advent of 20th-century mass media, was the predominate means by which people personally discovered music. The author is also a highly regarded pianist who is perhaps best known as a member of the chamber group, Domus, and with her keen insight and knowledge, takes the reader through an eclectic and personal journey.

The book presents her favourites, from a widely chosen group of composers who reach from Bach and Scarlatti to the contemporary. Commencing with the Goldberg Variations , she not only talks of the work’s importance within Bach’s oeuvre but analyses it and talks of how the Canadian maverick...