Pianist Kathy Selby and her chamber concerts with musical friends have been a treasured part of the Australian music scene for years. This year their national tour had to be cancelled in the wake of the pandemic. Unable to give live concerts, Selby turned to the internet. Like its July predecessor, this concert titled Transfigured was performed with no audience present in Sydney’s City Recital Hall. The performance took place on August 3, and as of August 29 became available for viewing online at Selby’s website.

While nothing can replace the live ‘analogue’ experience, and we all hope to get back to that particular normal as soon as possible, this recorded concert has many pluses. The quality is undeniable. The City Recital Hall’s acoustic is ideal for chamber ensembles, and the sound is expertly captured and balanced. The vision switching between medium shots and close-ups of the musicians and/or their instruments is well done: the choices are involving but not intrusive. And whoever edited the video component knows the music, which is by no means always the case. The webcast comes complete with introductions and a Q&A from the musicians.