A co-production between Queensland Theatre and Sydney Theatre Company, Glace Chase’s Triple Xwas in preview performances when COVID-19 necessitated the closure of Australian theatres in March 2020. Now, almost a full year later, this raunchy romantic comedy has finally opened to the roar of a standing ovation in the Bille Brown Theatre.

Wall Street banker Scotty has a picture-perfect fiancée, a multi-million-dollar loft apartment, a new job lined up… and he is miserable. Triple Xcharts Scotty’s chance meeting and subsequent 10-month affair with trans performance artist Dexie, culminating in the discovery of their relationship by Scotty’s friends and family, who are all in New York to attend his wedding. As secrets begin to spill and lies begin to unravel, Scotty must make a choice between the familiar, comfortable life he hates, and the possibility of a future he has never imagined.

Josh McConville and Glace Chase in Triple X. Photograph © Brett Boardman

Directed by Paige Rattray, who was also integral in initiating the writing of the play, Triple Xexplores toxic masculinity in structures of power and privilege, especially as...