The Marais Project is a flexible ensemble, sometimes expanding to include other baroque instruments, or even, as in a release from 2019, the accordion. Here they streamline the ensemble to, as the title of this release suggests, just two members – founder Jennifer Eriksson playing viola da gamba, and Tommie Andersson playing a kaleidoscope of plucked instruments.

Marais Project

The disc is neatly programmed as an alternating set of solos for each player. Andersson begins with Handel’s Sonata for a Musical Clock arranged for the gallichon (a bass lute), but he also plays a guitar suite by Losy von Losinthal and returns to the gallichon with an arrangement of Mozart’s Adagio for glass harmonica. These are all played with great sensitivity (the Mozart is particularly successful, I think), although a rather close recording results in some distracting breathing popping up, too.

On Eriksson’s side of things, she starts with du Buisson’s Suite in D Minor, but also plays a short pair of pieces by Carl Friedrich Abel,...